Website Design

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Website Designing

In this workshop we go through the process of creating website.It includes several different aspects,like webpage layout, content production, and graphic design, while the terms web designing and web development are often used interchangeably, web designing is technically a subset of border category of web development.


Website Designing/Responsive Designing


Basics of Web development

Introduction ( HTML, CSS, JavaScript)-

  • Structural Elements Of HTML Documents,
  • Using IDE ( Dreamweaver / Open Source)
  • Formatting HTML Documents
  • Managing Images In HTML
  • Hypertext And Link In HTML Documents
  • Multimedia
  • Managing Forms
  • Web Architecture, Page Structure


Website Hosting:

Registering Web Domains & Web Space-

  • Choosing your name!
  • What's a TLD?(top level domain)
  • Where is the physical space? Webhosting space Who to contact for domain name registration?
  • How to choose a web hosting provider?
  • Tips after you register with a hosting provider
  • Test your website on your own PC before you go online
  • Server on your PC for testing.

Data Base Management-


  • Introduction to SQL
  • Connecting to the MYSQL
  • Selecting a database
  • Understanding Queries

Installation Of Wamp/Xampp Server-


  • Working with Xampp control panel
  • Uploading file with Xampp control panel
  • Uploading file with Xampp control panel

Introduction to HTML5-


  • Syntax of html5
  • New tags are introduced
  • Design HTML 5 website with or without



Using FTP Client Filezilla-

  • Preparing to Publish your Website
  • Revisiting Your Folder Structure
  • Setting Up the Options
  • Connecting
  • Uploading Files