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Linux Workshop

The focus of this workshop is to transform a Student into a Linux Systems Developer. The participant will develop a deep understanding of Linux systems and learn concepts and skills which are essential for programming and software development on Linux-based platforms for both enterprise and embedded products. Students will get to learn benefits of Linux in compare to windows operating system as Linux is open source, free to use secured and virtualized.


National Network Security Championship Workshop Course Layout-Linux


Intro and Agenda

  • Linux File System Hierarchy, Installation of Linux OS
  • Basics of Linux: Linux Commands, Soft/Hard Links, Backup/Restore Using Tar,
  • Mounting/Unmounting
  • Permissions & User Management: Normal/Special Permissions, acls & File System Level

File System Management

  • Creating partitions, Logical Volume Management, Disk Quota
  • RAID(Redundant Disk Array), Managing Swap Space
  • Software Management using RPM/YUM, Implementing YUM Server

Network Configuration in LINUX

  • Networking in Linux, IP Address Basics, Public/Private & Static/Dynamic IP Addresses
  • Managing Processes, Task Scheduling using Cron, Managing GRUB, INIT Run Levels
  • Bash Scripting
  • Deploying and Security Implementation of FTP, DNS
  • Deploying Web Server, Virtual Hosting and Implementing Security Using CRYPTOGRAPHY

Deploying Servers in LINUX

  • Deploying of DHCP Server, SSH for Remote Sessions

Managing Server Deployment-

  • Deploying NFS & (SAMBA)CIFS Server for File System Sharing, TCP-WRAPPERS
  • Postfix Mail Server
  • Proxy Server
  • Syslog Server, SElinux
  • Netfilter(Software) Firewall

Tools to be used-Linux

  • VM Ware
  • Netfilter Firewall
  • DHCP3
  • Wine
  • Squid/Tor
  • Apache,OpenSsl
  • Bind DNS Server