Networking Security

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Networking Workshop

In this workshop students will learn from basics to advance level of CISCO Networking. Students will get in depth knowledge of designing & implementing a Network and learn: How to create Network on real CISCO device, Remote access to router using SSH, Crack and Reset Password, Securing the Network (Firewall, IPS, IDS), OSI Layers, Transmission of data from one layer to another using Packet Tracer, IP Addressing, Subnetting, IPV6.

At the end of workshop students will be able to make some basic networks like: Campus Network, Wireless Network, Cyber cafe Network.


National Network Security Championship Workshop Course Layout-Networking


OSI Model

  • How a packet moves through all OSI layers when we ping Google server from an end device (PC or laptop)?
  • Networking devices and their use in the industry
  • Understanding the Process of Unicast, Multicast & Broadcast
  • Broadcast & Collision Domain

Subnetting and VLSM

  • How to divide a network into multiple sub-networks with same range using Subnetting?
  • How to save an IP address range with VLSM?
  • Needs and uses of dividing a network into multiple networks
  • Summarization - How to create a summary of similar IP address blocks?

Public & Private IPS

  • What is the need for buying IP addresses?
  • Where do we buy the IP addresses from?
  • What is the current cost of an IP address?

IPv6 Addressing

  • Hexadecimal Conversion


  • Router Modes
  • Router IOS
  • Static and Dynamic Routing Protocols
  • Best path selection for Routing
  • Working of these protocols
  • Shortcomings of the protocols
  • Application Layer Protocols and their uses. Protocols include: DHCP, DNS, SMTP & POP3.
  • How to use Telnet, Ping, SSH and how do these work in an organization.


  • How switch forms its MAC table?
  • A switches form a MAC table still we call it a broadcast device. Why?
  • What is a VLAN and how to configure it?
  • What is VLAN Trunking Protocol (VTP) and how is it used?

Access Control Lists (ACL)

  • How to implement security features or restrictions on devices using ACL

Network Address Translation (NAT)

  • How to implement security features or restrictions on devices using NAT


Softwares to be used

  • Telnet Client
  • Secure CRT
  • Putty
  • Wire Shark
  • Packet Tracer